Other Immigration Services

In addition to regular immigration services, MyOwn Visas does many other immigration services. For instance, we help Canadian Permanent Residents to renew their PR cards or apply for Canadian Citizenship.

PR card renewal

A Canadian permanent resident card is also called a “PR card” (for ‘Permanent Residence’). Permanent residents are allowed to stay in Canada for as long as they wish. They may work or study in Canada without restrictions.

Canadian permanent residents must live in Canada for at least two years out of five if they want to keep this status. If you don’t live in Canada for this period, you will lose your PR status.

Other Immigration Services

You must apply for a new PR card once the old card expires. The PR card is required to be able to travel to Canada. Renewal of PR cards is generally processed within six months. The application can be done online or by mail, whichever is more convenient for you.

Citizenship application

Canadian citizenship allows persons to enjoy the full benefits of Canadian society and to participate fully in its political, social and economic life without any restrictions. A Canadian citizen may also receive an invitation to apply for a Canadian passport, which is recognized worldwide.

Canadian citizenship may be acquired by birth or naturalization. You are eligible to become a Canadian citizen if you were born in Canada. You must also meet the following criteria: – You must be 18 years old; – You must have lived in Canada as a permanent resident (PR) for at least three out of the last five years before you apply. You must have been physically present in Canada for 1095 days to meet this requirement. If you are currently out of the country, you may still be eligible to apply.

Successful applicants will acquire Canadian citizenship through a process called “Naturalization.” You will have to meet the language criteria and pass the citizenship exam. After that, you will be asked to take part in a citizenship ceremony and swear the Oath of Citizenship.

In 2021, the government has launched an online procedure for applying for Canadian citizenship. This is just the latest step in a process that started years ago to reduce paperwork and processing time.

At the moment, it is available to individuals, while families still have to apply via paper application.

MyOwn Visas is your trusted immigration and citizenship consultant

MyOwn Visas helps Canadian Permanent Residents to renew their PR cards or apply for Canadian Citizenship. For more information, please contact us via website or email us at info@myownvisas.com.