LMIA & Work Permits

The shortage of skilled workers in specific occupations prevents the Canadian economy from growing. That is why the Canadian government established a Temporary Foreign Workers Program. This program is run by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada in cooperation with Employment and Social Development Canada. MyOwn Visas helps Canadian employers to get LMIA and foreign workers to get work permits.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

In order to hire a foreign worker, the employer must first receive a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This means that the employer has gone through exhaustive advertising, recruitment and testing before hiring a foreign worker as no Canadian worker is available to fill this position.

Employers must demonstrate the ability to pay the offered wages and that there is a need for foreign workers. To ease employers’ LMIA application process, MyOwn Visas provides assistance with every aspect of dealing with ESDC and IRCC.

Depending on the position and job location, we can help employers to find proper candidates overseas and prepare the application for work permits for approved candidates.

Job Offer

To hire a foreign worker, an employer must have a job offer that corresponds to all requirements of the Canadian government. It must include the prevailing wage for this occupation, the list of duties that will be performed by the foreign worker and all other terms and conditions.

Work Permit

After receiving the positive LMIA, the foreign worker can apply for a work permit at a Canadian Visa Office or Citizenship and Immigration Canada office in their country of residence. The work permit may be valid for up to four years depending on the length of the work contract between employer and employee.

Work permits are issued by Canadian immigration officials to foreign nationals who want to come to Canada to work temporarily in jobs that are not available domestically. Work permits allow specific individuals to perform specific jobs in Canada for limited periods of time. A person can only work for the employer specified on his or her work permit.

Work in Canada allows plenty of immigration options to qualified workers. Indeed, skilled employees can come to Canada with a work permit, which may help them to earn Canadian work experience. As a result, such workers may be eligible to obtain permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) in the Express Entry or any of the Provincial Nominee Programs

Family of foreign workers

Spouses of foreign workers can apply for an open work permit. This allows them to take up any type of employment they wish, subject to the usual labour market tests and work permits requirements. Children of foreign workers can study in Canada while accompanying their parents.

MyOwn Visas can help you to work in Canada

MyOwn Visas is a leading immigration consulting firm that helps its clients to meet Canadian government requirements for entering Canada as a foreign worker. We offer our clients innovative solutions for LMIA applications and work permits. We also provide an extensive range of migration services to individuals and families who want to visit, work or immigrate to Canada. Fill out the assessment form!